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“The incidents I mentioned are only the tip of the iceberg.”

Statement of Ma’mou Hasan Alou

by wael.m
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When he was a university student, Ma’mou was beaten and humiliated by the Syrian security services agents, just for being a stateless Syrian Kurd. He once was slapped in the face and insulted by a Political Security Branch official, in Ras al-Ayn/ Sari Kani city, because of his refusal to comply with his demands to work as an informer for that branch.  

Ma’mou Hasan Alou was born in Ras al-Ayn/ Sari Kani city in 1978. He is a stateless Syrian Kurd classified as ajnabi, as a result of the census carried out by the Syrian government in 1962.

Ma’mou explained to STJ field researcher in an interview carried out in March 2018:

"In 2001, while I was on the road travelling from Ras al-Ayn/ Sari Kani to my university in Aleppo city, the bus I was riding stopped by a number of Syrian security agents, specifically on a bridge called “Qroquzat. They asked all passengers to present their IDs, and I was the only one with the red identity certificate, so the security agents asked me to get off the bus, and took me to a room located on the same bridge. I was beaten up and insulted while being interrogated, although they were sure that I do not belong to any party. Then they fired me, and I continued my way to university. The incidents I mentioned are only the tip of the iceberg.”

In 1995, he refused the Political Security Branch official’s demand to work as an informer, but he did not know that his refusal would cause humiliation and distress to him and his family:

"Abu Ehab-M.K. is the head of the Political Security Branch Detachment in Ras al-Ayn/ Sari Kani city. He asked me once to work as an informer for the branch, and when I refused to do so, he slapped me on the face, insulted me and kicked me out of his office. He did the same with my big brother, Ibrahim, but it was not enough. He also ordered our blacksmith shops to be sealed for 12 straight days, on the pretext that we are ajanib and don’t have work permit cards.

Following this incident, Ma’mou submitted a file to the Social Affairs Department in al-Hasakah city in order to obtain a work permit card, but when Abu Ehab found out, he ordered his agents to bring Ma’mou and beat and insulted him again.

According to Ma’mou, his legal status was still unresolved as of the date of this statement. He couldn’t get the Syrian nationality despite the issuance of Decree No. 49  in 2011, which recommended the naturalization of the al-Hasakah ajanib.

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