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Syrians for Truth and Justice was conceived during the participation of its co-founder in the Middle-East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) Leaders for Democracy Fellowship program, who was driven by a will to contribute to Syria’s future. Starting as a humble project to tell the stories of Syrians experiencing enforced disappearances and torture, it grew into an established organisation committed to unveiling human rights violations of all sorts.

Convinced that the diversity that has historically defined Syria is a wealth, our team of researchers and volunteers works with dedication at uncovering human rights violations committed in Syria, in order to promote inclusiveness and ensure that all Syrians are represented, and their rights fulfilled.

Since its establishment, STJ has had access to thousands of victims, documented hundreds of violations, and trained dozens of human rights activists. Its private database reflects this engagement and aims at contributing to the prospects for justice. Covering all areas of Syria, STJ has fostered its experience of documenting in a conflict zone in order to reach out to the population, hear their story, and collect evidence. Willing to enhance the Syrian civil society, we also implement capacity building projects in various topics, including digital security and civic engagement in order to transfer our skills and expertise to change-makers in the field.


Equal Human Rights for all Syrians.


STJ documents human rights violations perpetrated against Syrians and in Syria and works towards justice and change.

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