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STJ publishes six types of materials:

Human Rights Journalism is a facts-oriented section dedicated to giving a regular update of the human rights situation in Syria to a wide public.
• Our thematic reports dig into the events reported to us by our investigators in order to reveal trends and build a broader picture of the on-going situation in Syria.
• Our commentaries are legal analysis or policy papers regarding events or topics documented by our researchers, from an international criminal, humanitarian and human rights law perspective.
• Our dispatches are short analyses of trends and events unfolding in the Syrian landscape.
Stories and testimonies give a voice to Syrians who suffered violations and wish to share their experience.
Press release and statements are individual or collective written communications whose objective is to make official announcements.


Our private database aims at contributing to the efforts of justice deployed by domestic and international jurisdictions.


Willing to contribute to the strengthening of civil society and leaders in the field, we implement small-scale grass-root projects on topics such as digital security and civic engagement, with a focus on youth women and inclusiveness.


Believing in the benefits of collaboration, we also take part in communication efforts conducted jointly with partner organisations in order to combine our expertise to raise awareness, promote human rights or raise funds to implement change.

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