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Our Publications

Syrians for Truth and Justice (STJ) produces a variety of publications reflecting its commitment to monitor and document human rights violations:

  1. Human Rights Journalism,

Reports based on facts and realities supported by testimonies from victims, survivors, or their families as well as other credible source. In these reports, STJ provides periodic updates on the human rights situation in Syria and the violations committed by the different parties to the conflict.

This category includes two types of reporting,

  • Facts Tracker,

 Summary reports that track and verify online publications on alleged human rights violations in accordance with a special methodology followed by STJ.

  • Stories and Testimonies,

A space where Syrians, victims of human rights violations, can share their experiences and recount their stories in detail.

  1. Investigative Reports,

In these reports, STJ delves deeper into the data of certain subjects and events documented by STJ’s team inside Syria with the aim to reveal the truth and provide a clear and honest picture of what is happening there. These reports also reflect on certain patterns of violations and their impact on civilians along with making recommendations to stakeholders and providing legal analysis at local and international levels.

  1. Press Releases,

Statements STJ writes individually or jointly with partner organizations to make official announcements, advocate certain issues, or make dedicated recommendations.

  1. Legal Reports,

Reports provide technical legal writings and analysis of local and international laws especially those relevant to the Syrian context.

  1. Inputs, Complaints, Reports to the United Nations special procedures

Submissions STJ sends individually or jointly with a Syrian or international organization to inform the UN Special Procedures about specific issues in the Syrian context. Shadow reports also included in this category.

Other Activities

Our Database

STJ has a private database in which we register and archive all collected evidence in order to analyze them and thus track violation patterns and identify potential perpetrators. Our database can contribute to the efforts of domestic and international jurisdictions towards achieving justice and support current and future strategic litigation.


Guided by the desire to empower Syrian civil society, its leaders, and local communities, STJ implements local projects in various topics including; documenting human rights violations, collecting evidence, supporting victims of torture and other serious human rights violations, cyber security, supporting dialogue between victim communities, promoting social oversight over local authorities, and organizing dialogues between Syrians inside Syria and members of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, with a particular focus on the engagement of young women and mainstreaming inclusiveness.


 Believing in the benefits of collaboration, STJ devotes vigorous efforts to communicate with local and international partner organizations in order to bring together expertise and thus achieve common goals, including; raising awareness, promoting human rights, combating impunity, and uniting advocacy efforts to create change.

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