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Deaths in Aerial Bombardment by Syrian Regular Forces on Different Parts South of Idlib

The Bombardment is Violation of the De-escalation Zone Agreement Concluded between the Syrian Government and the Opposition Brokered by Turkey, Russia and Iran in Astana Talks

by wael.m
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On August 10, 2018, ten civilians were killed and 39 others injured in several areas in the south countryside of Idlib north of Syria as a result of the aerial bombardment and artillery shelling by the Syrian regular forces and their allies in violation of the de-escalation zone agreement reached between the Syrian opposition and the Syrian government under the auspices of the guarantor states in the Astana Talks[1]

Jaber al-Bakri, a local activist and director of al-Tamanah Media Center who lives in al-Tamanah town located in the south countryside of Idlib, said in an interview with STJ on August 10, 2018, that the Syrian regular forces targeted the town with barrel bombs dropped by helicopters and artillery shells in addition to airstrikes by warplanes. Al-Tah town and Khan Sheikhoun city were targeted with barrel bombs as well.    


The bombardment have caused the death of seven persons, including two women, and the injury of 23 others, including 8 children and 2 women in Khan Sheikhoun city, whereas three civilians were killed in al-Tah. Some of the deaths identified were Haytham al-Ghajar in al-Tah, a young man in Khan Sheikhoun, a baby girl and 9 injuries in al-Drableh village. Only three injuries were recorded in al-Tamanah, according to al-Bakri who pointed that the toll deaths might rise.   

The bombardment that affected a school, a Civil Defense Center, and a medical post in al-Tamanah recorded no deaths, al-Bakri added. 

On the other hand, the Civil Defense in Idlib province counted 16 helicopters hovering and dropping more than 25 barrel bombs and 18 sea mines, and more than 27 airstrikes with vacuum rockets and cluster munitions.

Bidama town was exposed to bombardment with Grad missiles, and Tell Aas town was exposed to bombardment by barrel bombs. Both caused injuries, according to the Civil Defense. 

A UN-led group of health agencies stated in a monthly report that an anticipated attack by the Syrian regular forces against Idlib province could displace more than 700,000 persons, according to Reuters[2] Agency on August 8, 2018. 





[1]   The final statement of the sixth round of the Astana Talks that ended on September 15, 2017, provided to include Idlib province into de-escalation zone as well as the deployment of anti-escalation control forces. The period of the agreement, which is six months,  is automatically renewed on the basis of the consensus of the guarantor states.

[2] Reuters staff, a report entitled "Health Agencies Warn Idlib Offensive Could Uproot 700,000 Syrians", (August 8, 2018.)

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