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Syrian Security Services Launch a Wave of Arrests in Daraa

Civilians and Former Armed Groups Fighters were Arrested during September 2018, while Six Deaths in Regime’s prisons were reported

by wael.m
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Syrian security apparatus arrested 23 civilians as well as 16 former armed opposition groups fighters and leaders in Daraa province during September 2018 on various charges, while already six detainees were reported killed inside custody, according to witnesses.

Intelligence services agents raided houses of civilians they wanted in Athman village and the northwest countryside of Daraa and arrested 23 under accusation of membership of ISIL or other arbitrary charges, according to Abu Ghiyas al-Sharaa, a member of Daraa Martyrs Documentation Office who testified to STJ on Oct. 3, 2018. 

“The young men arrested after the expire of the six-month deadline they were given to sign the reconciliation agreement.”, he added.  

The security services also arrested 7 fighters and 9 former commanders in opposition armed groups under alleged personal litigation, 4 of which were from al-Harrah town and they exchanged fire with Syrian security agents when trying to arrest them, Al-Sharaa added.

"Six detainees dead in prison, one of whom after only one month of his arrest, as death notices were sent to their families by the personal status department in Daraa." He said

STJ has earlier reported arrests conducted in July 2018[1].


[1]"Daraa Province- Syrian Regular Forces Arrest Youths In Contrary to the Agreement Concluded", STJ, Aug. 3, 2018. https://www.stj-sy.org/en/view/660

 “Regularizations” for Women and Men in Dara’a Province without Real Guarantees", STJ, Aug. 16, 2018. https://stj-sy.org/en/view/698

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