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Syrian/Russian Airstrikes on the West Part of Daraa Countryside kill civilians

by wael.m
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On November 23, 2016, the Syrian/Russian airstrikes carried out two aerial raids on the middle of Jasim city in the west part of Daraa countryside that led to civilians casualties and wounded dozens of others.

Jihad Qwider an activist from Jasim city said to Syrians for Truth and Justice that the Syrian/Russian warplanes struck with two aerial raids at 10:30 am and targeted a street characterized by heavy traffic since it contains many shops and groceries. The bombardment killed nine civilians and wounded many others. Jihad added:

“To strike the city is a psychological strategy for the Syrian regime forces and its allies. It does not end, within two months or even less, the city is bombardment again with shells or warplanes carry out raids for no reason. On July31, 2016, a hospital in the city was targeted and up to ten civilians were killed and many others were injured. The photos circulated of the hospital incident confirm that there were only civilian homes and no military points near the targeted location”.

The activist Mohamad al-Abdallah, originally from Inkhil city but now living in Jasim city, told Syrians for Truth and Justice:

“I can say for sure that the warplanes which carried out the raid were Russian aircraft (Sukhoi Aircraft) due to the relatively long distance compared with the cases of Syrian strikes in which the aircraft is close while bombing the city. On Wednesday morning November 23, 2016, the Russian warplanes struck two raids on a civil neighborhood and killed nine civilians and wounded others. Two of them are in serious conditions and were taken abroad for medical care”. Al-Abdallah added:

“Targeting Jasim city is repeated approximately every two or three months. As Jasim city is heavily populated and no military centers exist, all the strikes are only reprisals to place pressure on members of the armed opposition through targeting their relatives who stayed inside the city. All the military points were taken out of the city more than two years ago and no military headquarters are there inside the city.”

Names of the casualties in the raids in Jasim city:

1. Mohamed Kheir Issa al-Haji.

2. Hisham Mohamad Kheir al-Haji

3. Mohamed Kheir Ismael al-Naser

4. Ismael Hassan al-Hajaj

5. Hamza Ismael al-Hajaj

6. Mohamed Ahmad al-Hanawi, displaced from Inkhil city

7. Mohamed Nabeel Fateh, displaced from Darya city in Damascus countryside

8. Ahmad Nabeel Fateh, displaced from Darya city in Damascus countryside.On November 26, 2016, the bombardment was repeated when the regular army targeted the city with five artillery shells that led to additional civilians injuries.

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