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A Journalist Abducted and Beaten by “anonymous” people in Hasaka

by wael.m
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An “anonymous” armed group abducted the journalist “Serdar Dari” a reporter in (Welat FM) radio on November 22, 2016 while Sardar was in an internet café (Lavin Café, the café owned by him) in Almoufti neighborhood in al-Hasaka northeast of Syria, he was taken to an unknown place to be found the next day on November 23, 2016 lying in “Al-Khamael” village 20km south Al-Hassaka on the way to Shadade.   

Salar Saleh, Dari’s brother posted on his (own Facebook account) that his brother was found after being beaten and stabbed with a sharp knife in his back which led to severe internal bleeding in the lungs.

On the other side, (Welat FM radio- Serdar works for) issued a press statement condemning hardly the abduction operation and stated that it was a proceed with murder, and accounted the relevant parts (pro-Autonomous Administration) the responsibility for the incident and demanded an immediate investigation into the accident to uncover the perpetrators “whomever be”.

Anti- Autonomous Administration activists had accused the military police held by People’s Protection Units (YPG) of committing the crime. Syrians for Truth and Justice couldn’t access nor talk to the journalist Serdar Dari to know more circumstances about the accident and the party believed to be the doer of it.

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