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“We Lost all Hope for the Future, with the Loss of Census Documents”

The statement of Aziz Pirro... The right to education is the supreme right..

by bassamalahmed
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ll of Aziz’s 12 mates were accepted at the “Mathematics and Physics Faculty” in Deir ez-Zor University, except him, as he did not have a secondary school certificate, he returned home disappointed. All because of being a stateless Syrian Kurd, specifically from the maktumin class. Aziz continue to suffer, especially since he has not managed to obtain Syrian nationality despite numerous attempts.

“Aziz Pirro”, born in the city of Qamishli/Qamishlo (1973), married with two children, studied at the Faculty of Law in Euphrates University[1], al-Hasakah governorate, but even so he spent years working as a farmer. “Aziz” is one of the stateless Syrian Kurds, specifically from the “maktumin class. In this regard, he spoke to STJ on July 30, 2018, saying:

“Persons in charge of the 1962 special census, registered my grandfather and uncles’ names, my father was also registered but in another village, as he was there at the time, whose registration documents were lost, as we were told later. My father made two objections to the census Committee, but with no result, knowing that my father was the mukhtar of the village, who seals the official papers needed by the people, including the identification certificates which he issues for himself and for the village people. We remain maktumin as many others, nothing has changed because the Political Security Directorate in Damascus didn’t approve the documents we had submitted to resolve our legal status.”

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