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“Sometimes I wonder how people can feel happy when they get a new baby, when we feel guilty for it”

Statement of Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ali

by bassamalahmed
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Abdulrahman wasn’t able to fulfill his dream of attending the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in the capital, Damascus, as he was forced to drop out, because he is a stateless Kurdi, specifically from the so-called maktumin class. Being so Abdulrahman is not entitled to a graduation certificate, and he even cannot choose the profession he like to practice. Abdulrahman’s suffering continues to this day, as his legal status has not resolved despite his several attempts.

Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ali was born in the city of Qamishli/ Qamishlo in 1978. He is married with two children. He was born in a family most of whose members are stateless. In this connection, Abdulrahman spoke to STJ field researcher who interviewed him in March 2018:

“My father told me that as a result of the census, some of his brothers were registered as citizens, while the rest were classified as maktumeen. My parents and uncles tried to resolve their legal status, they paid a lot of money in order to do so, but without consequence. My four brothers, five sisters, and I, were born as maktumeen. We tried several times to resolve our legal status but to no avail. My wife endured similar suffering. We have two children, one in the ninth grade and the other in the seventh. Sometimes I wonder how people can feel happy when they have new babies, while we, stateless, feel guilty for it.”

You may read and download the full story in PDF format by clicking here.

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