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Northern Syria: 187 Syrian Organizations Condemn Turkey’s Attacks and Call on the International Community to Intervene

The UN Security Council must hold an emergency meeting regarding the recent Turkish attacks, exert pressure to stop them, and protect civilians and infrastructure, giving effect to the provisions of international law

by bassamalahmed
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Fires in the Saida oil field due to airstrikes that targeted energy resources and civilian objects in Northeastern Syria during Turkey-led Operation Claw-Sword. Taken on 24 November 2022. Credit: STJ

Press Release:

Turkey intensified military activities in the northeastern parts and several areas in the western parts of Syria over the second half of 2022. However, the escalation climaxed on 20 November 2022, when the Turkish army launched the operation code-named “claw-sword.” With the new incursion, Turkey purportedly is responding to the terrorist attack on Taksim Street even though the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) denied involvement in the bombing.

Over the first two days of the operation, Turkish aircraft and drones bombarded several civilian objects, including a hospital equipped to offer medical services to children and a former COVID-19 care facility in Kobanî/Ayn al-Arab, in Aleppo’s countryside. Additionally, the airstrikes targeted the silos in the suburbs of al-Dirbasiyah, in al-Hasakah, and a power station in the suburbs of al-Malikiyah/Derik. The attacks killed several civilians, among them a journalist, and injured others.

Following the initial attacks, the Turkish military widened the scope of their airstrikes. Turkish air forces targeted new areas in the rural parts of al-Hasakah and Deir ez-Zor and even hit the Hol Camp. With the expansion, aerial bombing also became more hostile.

Turkish aircraft hit several vital facilities, including power stations and oil and gas resources. The attacks rendered several of the targeted facilities inoperable, straining the infrastructure already dilapidated by the conflict, which has been ongoing since 2011. Consequently, the attacks denied the local communities in the affected areas and millions of residents across other Syrian territories access to energy.

In parallel with the Turkish incursion, several missiles also landed in A’zaz, controlled by the Syrian armed opposition groups, on 22 November 2022. The attack killed and injured civilians.

Notably, grave human rights violations and war crimes marked all of Turkey’s incursions into Syria since 2016. During and after the Turkey-led operations, the military repeatedly horrified and initiated attacks on the villages, towns, and cities across northern Syria. Hostilities destabilized these areas, which today are home to hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) who fled their original places of residence in other parts of the country to the safety of its north.

The recent Turkish attacks renewed concerns over displacement. The hostilities have already forced several locals to escape their homes and threaten to displace thousands of others should they continue, and in case Turkey decides to start a ground incursion. Notably, prospective displacement waves threaten to over-stretch humanitarian response efforts that have already been exhausted by previous incursions. Considering this, the undersigned organizations condemn the military escalation in northeastern Syria and the Istanbul bombing and demand that Turkey end attacks on civilians and civilian objects immediately and demonstrate respect for international humanitarian law. Additionally, the undersigned organizations demand that:


  1. The United Nations Security Council hold an emergency meeting regarding the recent military escalation and Turkish attacks, exert pressure to stop the hostilities, and protect civilians and infrastructure, implementing the provisions of international law and the powers of the Council under the Charter of the United Nations (UN).
  2. The Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic issue a special briefing on the violations that accompanied the recent military attacks and publish a special report on human rights violations perpetrated across northern Syria by all parties in the conflict.
  3. The International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism intensify the collection of evidence so that it is comprehensive and attests to all parties in the conflict and the violations they perpetrated against civilians and civilian objects in northern Syria.
  4. War crimes units in European countries, whose national laws warrant universal jurisdiction, expand structural investigations into international crimes in Syria, to include those committed across the northern parts of the country by all parties in the conflict.
  5. UN agencies and humanitarian organizations intensify relief and humanitarian efforts so that there is an immediate response to the humanitarian needs resulting from the recent military escalation, especially since the attacks have been targeting civilian objects, vital facilities, and infrastructure.

Organizations and Associations Signing the Statement:

  1. Aataa for Relief and Development
  2. Adel Center For Human Rights
  3. Afrin Platform
  4. Ajyal Organizati
  5. Al Manarah Organization For Development
  6. Al-Asil Association for Development
  7. Albaghooz Hope for Development
  8. Al-Diyar Society
  9. Al-Hasakah Organization for Relief and Deve
  10. Allied for Peace Organization
  11. Al-Raja Organization for Relief and Development
  12. Amal Al-Furat Organisation
  13. Anwar Algad Organaization
  14. Arak of East Organization
  15. ARAS Charity
  16. Areej Organization for Social Development
  17. Arjuan for Human Development
  18. ASHNA for Development
  19. Ashtar Development Organization
  20. Ashti Peacebuilding Center
  21. ASO Analysis and Strategic Studies Organization
  22. Assyrian Society for Helping and Development
  23. Ataa al-Baghouz Organization
  24. Atyaf Development Association
  25. Awda for DEVELOPMENT
  26. Ayadi Moubsra Organization – SoS
  27. Baladna Organization for Civil Society
  28. Balsam Center for Health Education
  29. Bedaya Organization
  30. Better Hope for Al-Tabqa
  31. Better Life Organization
  32. Better Tomorrow Organization
  33. Bridges of Love Organization
  34. Bukra Ahla Association for Relief and Development
  35. Bzoug Organization for Development
  36. R.O Organization
  37. Center for Defense of Liberties
  38. Center for research and Protection women’s rights in Syria
  39. Civil Community Youth Organization
  40. Cloud Organization
  41. Community Solidarity Organaization
  42. DAN for Relief and Development
  43. Dari Organisation
  44. Deirna Organization for Development
  45. Demos
  46. Development – Seed – Center
  47. Development Without Borders Organization
  48. Dijla Organization for Development and Environment
  49. Documentation Violations Center in Northern Syria
  50. DOZ
  51. DURAT ALFURAT Organization
  52. dyaalaml
  53. Ebdaa organisation for develop ment
  54. Edraak Organization for Development and Peace
  55. Ella Organization for Development and Peacebuilding
  56. Emaar Mansura
  57. Enlil Center
  58. Enma Aljazera Organization
  59. ENMAA Organisation
  60. Ensaf for Development
  61. Euphrates Organization for Relief and Development
  62. EWAS (Environment and Water Association)
  63. Ezdina
  64. M.T – Future Makers Team
  65. Faidh Organisation for Development
  66. Fajr Organisation
  67. Fajr Organization
  68. FDO – Organisation
  69. Fikra Organization
  70. For Them Organisation
  71. FOR YOU Organization
  72. Free Kurdish Women Organization
  73. Friends Charity Association
  74. Furatna for Development
  75. Future Hands Organization
  76. Ghaith Organisation for Development
  77. Green Branch Organization
  78. Green Tress
  79. Green Women’s Association
  80. Hadaf Organaization for Humanitarian
  81. Hajen Technicians Organization
  82. Haneen AlFurat
  83. Hevdesti-Synergy Association for Victims
  84. Hevy Organisation for Relief and Development
  85. HLD – Association for Development
  86. Holm Organization For Development
  87. Hope Makers
  88. Humanity Ray
  89. Inaash Organization for Development
  90. Intensive Care Association
  91. IWAA Organization
  92. Jasmine Association
  93. Jian Charity Association
  94. Jinar for for Development
  95. Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights
  96. Jsor Alamal Organization
  97. Khutwa Association
  98. Kurdish Committee for Human Rights (Rased)
  99. Kurdish Feminist Voices
  100. Leading Women Organization for Development and Health Care
  101. Lights for development and construction
  102. Malva for Arts and Culture
  103. Manara Organization
  104. Mary Association for Culture, Arts and Environment
  105. Media Academy Organization
  106. Mine Action Office
  107. Moltka Alnhren Organization
  108. Nabd Team
  109. Nasmet Amal Organisation
  110. National Syrian Alliance
  111. Nawat Organization
  112. Nextep Organization
  113. Nisaa Alamal Organization
  114. Noun for development and support for women and children
  115. Okaaz Organization
  116. Organization for Feminism
  117. Path Creation Organization
  118. PCSC – Peace and Civil Society Center
  119. Peace Bridges Organization for Development
  120. Peace Humane Society
  121. Peace Land
  122. Peaceshe Leader Network
  123. PÊL- Civil Waves
  124. Peyam Association For Orphan Care
  125. Purity Organization
  126. Qadar Organization
  127. QRD – Organization for Research and Development
  128. Ras al-Ain/Serê Kaniyê Platform
  129. Reng Organization for development
  130. Rescue and Relief Team
  131. Restoration Hope Association
  132. Roaamustkbl Organization
  133. Roj Kar for relief and development
  134. ROJ Organization for Mine Control (Mine Action).
  135. Rojhilat for Relief and Development
  136. Rose for Support and Empowerment
  137. Sahem Organization for cooperation and development
  138. Sama Organization
  139. Sanabel Euphrates Organization for Development
  140. Sara organization to combat violence against women
  141. Sawaed Organization for Development
  142. SCSD – Syrian Center for Studies and Dialogue
  143. SEl Organization for Development and Empowerment
  144. Shabab Oxygen
  145. Shams Al Ghad
  146. Shams organisation
  147. Shaqayiq Al Khayr
  148. SHAR for Development
  149. Share for Community Development
  150. Shawshaka Association for Women
  151. Shilan Association for Relife and Development
  152. Shurooq Organisation Development
  153. Silav Center For Civic activities
  154. SMART
  155. Sphere Development Organization
  156. Stability Support Centre
  157. Swaedna Organization for Relief and Development
  158. Syria foundation sustainable development
  159. Syria Help Organization
  160. Syriac Cross Organization for Relief and Development
  161. Syrian Cancer Society
  162. Syrian Center for Cevelopment
  163. Syrian House of Renaissance Association
  164. Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
  165. Syrians for Truth and Justice – STJ
  166. Taa marbouta
  167. TARA Organization
  168. Tayif Humanitarian Organization
  169. TEVIN
  170. The Four Seasons Organization
  171. The Kurdish Cultural Association in Denmark
  172. Together for a Bettar Future
  173. Together for Algarnya
  174. Together for Dair Ezzour
  175. Vision
  176. Weqaya Association
  177. Wesal Organisation
  178. Wheat & Olive Platform
  179. Wheat Olive Platform
  180. Women for Peace
  181. Youth for Change
  182. Youth Optimistic
  183. Zakon Organization
  184. zameen for development and peacebuilding
  185. Zameen Organization for Development and Peacebuilding
  186. ZIRAK Organization for Development
  187. Zorna Development

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