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NGOs in Syria Call for Immediate Action From the UN Responding to the Systematic Attacks on Humanitarian Facilities

by bassamalahmed
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Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres

President of the UN Human Rights Council, Coly SECK

High Commissioner of Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet Jeria Commissioners of UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria (COI), Mr. Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro, Ms. Karen Koning AbuZayd, and Mr. Hanny Megally

Head of the International Impartial Independent Mechanism (IIIM) on the in Investigating War Crimes in Syria, Catherine Marchi-Uhel.

Since 2011, humanitarian teams in Syria have been subjected to relentless violations: forced disappearance, killing, torture, and bombing of the facility they work in with all kinds of weapons. Also, several reports mentioned using chemical weapons against humanitarian facilities.

Bombing hospitals, schools and humanitarian institutions, which began as a policy of collective punishment, and continued during the past years, had multiplied into a systematic policy, and turned into a war tactics the Syrian regime is using widely to weaken those communities and to deprive civilians from of the basic services in order to displace them and to double effects of the humanitarian catastrophe to an extent that we, the humanitarian organizations, became unable, with whatever we have and with what we can do, to respond to it. Attacks on health facilities increased from 2011 until this day 570, and medical teams lost more than 800 victims of the systematic bombing on health facilities, which the Syrian regime and its allies bear the responsibility of most of these violations according to the reports of international investigation bodies.

Under ordinary circumstances, none of us would choose to remain in community with no medical center to vaccinate our children, no school to teach them, and no water station to supply our families with this basic necessity. Syrian people have been forced to accept and adapt to these inhuman circumstances, but their capacity to cope has reached unbearable limits, even as essential infrastructure continues to be bombed. The latest escalation perpetrated by the Syrian Government and its allies in northwest Syria witnessed unprecedented levels of this tactics as included 38 attacks on health facilities, 45 attacks on schools, in addition to destroying 9 water stations, and many other violations.

Many NGOs have participated in the UNOCHA-led DE confliction mechanism of humanitarian facilities and still hope this mechanism will help put an end these attacks, or at least to help seek justice in the long-run. but these facilities were also targeted, like all other facilities. The little number of de-conflicted targeted facilities is attributed to the limited participation of these organizations in this mechanism, not because they are excluded from targeting.  We still firmly believe that the mechanism can and must contribute to the documentation of these crimes, a primary step on the long road to achieve justice and to publicize facts about the conduct of parties to the conflict in Syria.

The various investigative mechanisms of the UN should work together, and  leverage more effectively to increase pressure on the conflicting parties and change the calculus that underpins the logic of the attacks and to stop these crimes immediately. Reports issued by COI would been more influential if they are released more quickly –   within days or even weeks after each attack, opposed to half a year later, when the facts on the ground cannot be so readily – publically – linked to the incidents in the report. .

Internal United Nations Headquarters Board of Inquiry to investigate a series of incidents that have occurred in northwest Syria, and we the NGOs signing this letter remain committed to sharing all needed information on incidents and events to be fully communicated to investigators.

We, a group of NGOs ask you to implement the following:

  1. The COI, and the IIIM, and the new UN Board of Inquiry should appoint full time experts, based in southern Turkey, in order to facilitate faster investigations, and more regular contact with humanitarian actors. , and to start their investigations once they are informed of attacks on humanitarian facilities, so that they can fulfil results of their investigations, as quickly as possible, without waiting for regular reports.
  2. UNOCHA should provide the investigators of the UN Board of Inquiry, COI and IIIM with full access to the information of the humanitarian de-confliction mechanism.
  3. The Secretary-General of the UN should instruct all the agencies and programs of the UN from UNOSAT of UNTAR, and SSA of WHO and MRM of UNICEF to similarly provide investigators with full access to information related to the bombardment of humanitarian facilities and to supply them with all the support and assistance they need to facilitate their investigations.
  4. The UN Secretary-General to ensure that the Security Council receives the results of these investigations in a timely manner so that it can take the necessary steps, as quickly as possible and in time before we lose these facilities and those who work in them.

Our expectations, as NGOs, from an international effort to save our colleagues, the heroes who are still working in Syria, from systematic targeting, achieving justice and punishing the criminals, are very low, but we still have hope that the truth is an important tool, therefore we should avail every effort to use it to save humanitarian activists in Syria. We hope that the establishment of the UN board of inquiry will not take long time, and in the meantime the existing investigation bodies should not exclude those incidents from their investigations. The NGOs amongst us who share information into the de confliction mechanism, and who share incident reporting into the UN system expect and request that this information be used to promote investigation into, and accountability for, the crimes that are being committed.


The Signatories (Coordination Bodies)

  1. تحالف المنظمات السورية غير الحكومية | Syrian NGO Alliance (SNA)
  2. اتحاد منظمات المجتمع المدني السوري | Union of Syrian Civil Society Organizations USCSO
  3. الاتحاد السوري العام | General Syrian Union
  4. منبر الجمعيات السورية | Syrian NGO Platform
  5. شبكة المرأة السورية الانسانية | Syrian Women Humanitarian network
  6. شبكة وطن | Watan Network
  7. تحالف منظمات المجتمع المدني السوري (شمل) | Syrian CSOs Coalition
  8. منتدى المنظمات العاملة في شمال غرب سوريا | North-West Syria NGO Forum

The Signatories (NGOs)

  1. جمعية نور الخيرية | Nor Alkhair Charity
  2. جمعية غراس الخير الإنسانية | Ghiras Alkhaeer Humanitarian
  3. ملتقى البيت الدمشقي | Damascene House
  4. رابطة أهل حوران | Ahl Horan Association
  5. رابطة حمص في المهجر | Homs League
  6. منظمة أفكار | Afkar
  7. منظمة قدرة | Kudrah
  8. الرابطة الطبية للمغتربين السوريين | Youth for Syria
  9. المؤسسة الدولية لدعم المرأة | International Supporting Woman Association
  10. جمعية عطاء للإغاثة الإنسانية | Ataa Humanitarian Relief Association
  11. جمعية الوفاء للإغاثة والتنمية | Alwafa Association for Relief and Development
  12. منظمة أبرار للإغاثة والتنمية | Abrar Organization
  13. رحمة بلا حدود | Mercy Without Limits
  14. جنى وطن | Jana Watan
  15. منظمة زدني علما | D. Organization
  16. مؤسسة بذور الأمل | seeds of hope
  17. جمعية الأيادي البيضاء | BEYAZ ELLER YARDIMLAŞMA DERNEĞI
  18. مؤسسة رحمة الإنسانية | RAHMA humanitarian foundation
  19. جمعية سنا للأعمال التعليمية والإنسانية | Sana Association for Educational and Humanitarian Works
  20. بصمات من أجل التنمية | Basamat for Development
  21. مؤسسة عدالة للإغاثة والتنمية | adaleh foundatoin for relief and development
  22. هيئة الإغاثة الإنسانية الدولية | International Humanitarian Relief
  23. جمعية تكافل الخيرية | Takaful Charity
  24. الشام للأيتام | Alsham Association
  25. بركة الإنسانية | Baraka Humanitarian
  26. همة | Himma Youth Organization
  27. مساحة سلام | Space of Peace
  28. منظمة البشائر | Albashaer Humanity Organization
  29. منظمة البنيان المرصوص الإنسانية | Albonian Almrsos Humanitarian Organization
  30. المهندسين السوريين للإعمار والتنمية | Syrian Engineers for Construction and Development
  31. جمعية الأمل لمكافحة السرطان | Alaml Association For Cancer
  32. تجمع احساس الاغاثي | Ehsas Relief Agency
  33. جمعية البر | Alberr Association
  34. منظمة انسان الخيرية | Insan Organization
  35. منظمة البشائر الانسانية | Albashaer Humanity Organization
  36. منظمة شفق النور | Shafak Association Organization
  37. كلنا سوا | All Together
  38. جمعية أرزاق | Arzaq Humanitarian Foundation
  39. منظمة الرعاية الانسانية | Health Care Organization
  40. منظمة سداد الإنسانية | Sadad Humanitarian Organization
  41. منظمة معا لأجل الخير | All for Charity
  42. جمعية لا تحزن الخيرية | La Tahzan Charity
  43. ملتقى البيت الحلبي | Multaqa Albeat Alhalaby
  44. مؤسسة الحميدي الخيرية | Hmedi charity
  45. هيئة التعليم الطبي | Medical Education Council
  46. العدالة والمساعدة الانسانية | Adalah Foundation for Relief and Development
  47. سابق للأعمال الخيرية والتنموية | Sabeq Foundation for Charity and Development
  48. مؤسسة إعادة الأمل | Restore Hope Foundation
  49. جمعية الرعاية والمساعدة الإنسانية | Insan Care
  50. منظمة عبيدة | Obaıda Charıty
  51. منظمة سوار | Sewar
  52. منظمة اليمان | Alyaman
  53. مؤسسة رحمة حول العالم للإغاثة والتنمية | Rahma Worldwide – Aid and Development
  54. أطفال عالم واحد | Children of One World
  55. اتحاد منظمات الإغاثة والرعاية الطبية | Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations USSOM
  56. مؤسسة الرعاية الانسانية والتنمية – مسرات | MASRRAT Establishment For Human Care and Development
  57. إحسان للإغاثة والتنمية | Ihsan Relief and Development
  58. غراس النهضة | Ghiras Al-Nahda
  59. مؤسسة الشام الإنسانية | Al Sham Humanitarian Foundation
  60. جمعية سوريا الاغاثية | Syria Relief – Turkey
  61. أطباء عبر القارات – تركيا | Physicians Across Continents – Turkey
  62. المؤسسة الدولية للتنمية الاجتماعية | Social Development International
  63. مؤسسة بناء للتنمية | BINAA Organization for Development
  64. تكافل الشام الخيرية | Takaful Al-Sham Charity
  65. سوريا للإغاثة والتنمية | Syria Relief and Development SRD
  66. مؤسسة سكن للرعاية والتنمية | SKT organization
  67. منظمة بنفسج للإغاثة والتنمية | Violet Organization for Relief and Development
  68. يدا بيد للإغاثة والتنمية | Hand in Hand for Aid and Development
  69. مؤسسة القلب الكبير | Big Heart Foundation
  70. الرابطة الطبية للمغتربين السوريين | Syrian Expatriate Medical Association SEMA
  71. الجمعية الطبية السورية الأمريكية | Syrian American Medical Society SAMS
  72. منظمة اورنج | Orange Organisation
  73. منظمة شفق | Shafak Organization
  74. هيئة الإغاثة الإنسانية | Humanitarian Relief Association – IYD
  75. جمعية النور السورية | Syrian Light Society
  76. زيد بن ثابت الاهلية | Zaid bin Thabit National
  77. رابطة اهل حوران | Ahl Horan Association
  78. منظمة بنيان | Bonyan Organization
  79. جمعية الشام لرعاية الأيتام | Al – Sham Association for Orphans Care
  80. زدني علما | Give Me A Note
  81. شام حياة | Sham Life
  82. اعمار الشام الانسانية | Emaar Al Sham Human
  83. جمعية معا | Together Association
  84. شام شريف | Sham Sherif
  85. جمعية ابن النفيس الانسانية | Ibn al – Nafees Human Society
  86. سيفيل كير | CIVIL CARE
  87. الجمعية السورية للدعم والتنمية الانسانية | Syrian Association for Support and Human Development – INSURYA
  88. جمعية التأخي الخيرية | Association of Brotherhood Group
  89. شفق شام الخيرية | Shafak Cham Charity
  90. غراس الخير الانسانية | Grass of Human Goodness
  91. جمعية لانك انسان | Association for a Human Being
  92. هيئة الإغاثة الإنسانية الدولية | International Humanitarian Relief Agency IHR
  93. جمعية المعرفة للتنمية والتعليم | Knowledge Society for Development and Education
  94. معا لأجل الخير | We are All for the Good Association
  95. تنمية انسان | Human Development
  96. جمعية همة | Hema Association
  97. جمعية اعمار لإعادة البناء | IMAAR Reconstruction Organization
  98. جمعية حياة للأعمال الخيرية والانسانية | Hayat Association for Charity and Human
  99. منظمة مسك | Mask Organization
  100. جمعية الحياة الإنسانية | ALHAYAT İNSANİ YARDIMLAŞMA DERNEĞİ
  101. جمعية الحياة للخدمات الإنسانية  | Al-Hayat Humanity
  102. مؤسسة جودي للتنمية | Cudi Development Foundation
  103. الخوذ البيضاء | The White Helmets
  104. منظمة إيلاف للإغاثة والتنمية | Elaf for Relief and Development
  105. فسحة أمل | Space of Hope
  106. جمعية زنوبيا للمرأة السورية | Zanobıa For Syrıan Women
  107. ياسمين الحرية | Jasmıne Of Freedom
  108. مزن للإغاثة و التنمية | Muzun For Humanitarian and Development
  109. مدنيون للعدالة والسلام | Civilians for Justice and Peace
  110. منظمة كريمات | Kareemat
  111. رابطة المرأة السورية | Syrian Woman Association
  112. منظمة التنمية المحلية | Local Development and Small-Projects Support (LDSPS)
  113. منظمة القبعات البيضاء للتنمية المستدامة | White Hats Organisation for Sustainable Development
  114. الهيئة العامة للمرأة السورية في حماه وريفها
  115. طريق السلام | Peace Road
  116. كش ملك | Kesh Malek Organization
  117. اليوم التالي | The Day After (TDA)
  118. مؤسسة دعم المرأة | Woman Support Association (KADIN DESTEK DERNEĞİ)
  119. غصن زيتون للتعليم والثقافة | Olive branch for Education and Culture
  120. البوصلة للتدريب والإبداع | Bousla for Training & Innovation
  121. منظمة بهار | Bahar Organization
  122. الشبكة السورية لحقوق الإنسان | Syrian Network for Human Rights
  123. اورينت | Orient for Human Relief
  124. العدالة من أجل الحياة | Justice for Life
  125. سوريون من أجل الحقيقة والعدالة | Syrians for Truth and Justice-STJ
  126. محامون وأطباء من اجل حقوق الانسان | Lawyers and Doctors for Human rights
  127. شبكة حراس | Hurras Network
  128. السراج للتنمية والرعاية الصحية / السويد | Alseeraj for Development and healthcare/Sweden
  129. منظمة الاطباء المستقلين | Independent Doctors Association
  130. البرنامج السوري للتطوير القانوني | The Syrian Legal Development Programme
  131. المركز السوري للإعلام وحرية التعبير | Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression
  132. مركز توثيق الانتهاكات في سوريا | Violation Documentation Center in Syria
  133. منسقو استجابة سوريا | Response Coordination Group (RCG)
  134. منظمة توتول | Totol Foundation
  135. جمعية أصدقاء الشعب السوري | Friends of the Syrian People e.V.
  136. Stand with Syria Japan – SSJ

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