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Before it is too Late – A Joint Document on the Issue of Detention in Syria

A group of Syrian human rights organizations - Brief Edition

by wael.m
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Introduction: Despite the great complexity of the conflict in Syria, its protracted nature, transformation and multiplicity of actors, the issue of detention can be said to be one of the most complex and critical aspects of this conflict.

Notwithstanding the stalemate in the course of political settlement to the conflict in Syria, addressing the issue of detention is so urgent it cannot be delayed. The idea of this document is an attempt to develop a reference document for detention in Syria tackling the various aspects of detention in Syria as well as exploring the approaches that may be effective in addressing it.

This document is the product of more than four months of joint efforts by Syrian human rights organizations who wanted, through this initiative, to contribute to illuminating the long road towards resolving the issue of detention in Syria. These joint efforts date back much longer as these organizations took part in forming common ground among civil society organizations working on the issue of detention as well as coordinating policies and positions at different turning points. This effort shall continue to develop this document and issue new editions as it is a living non-final document and an open project for legal and human rights experts, activists and politicians concerned with detention in Syria who would like to join this project and adopt this document, offer feedback to enrich it or contribute to future editions. This edition focuses on state responsibility regarding detainees and the violations perpetrated against them while recognizing violations perpetrated by other parties in the context of the conflict which shall be addressed in details in future editions.



This document aims at providing a reference for Syrian and non-Syrian politicians, legal and human rights experts and all those concerned with detention in Syria on various political and legal levels. This document has come in response to the urgent need for an informed vision based on technical legal knowledge on the one hand and practical field expertise on the other. This comes against the backdrop of tackling the issue of detention in various political tracks and fora. It is hoped that this document would offer help to all those working on this issue to ensure that it is addressed within unified parameters regardless of the bodies or tracks in which it is addressed.


This Document:

  • Provides and overview of the issue of detention from various angels
  • Indicates relevant international laws and resolutions
  • Reviews the history of the issue of detention in parallel with political tracks so far
  • Summarizes obstacles and challenges
  • Proposes strategies and appropriate approaches
  • Examines the position of detainees in the anticipated peace agreement
  • Is a living document which shall be reviewed and developed continuously


This document is NOT:

  • A detailed legal reference
  • A final unmodifiable strategy
  • A substitute for continuous coordination and joint action among all stakeholders in parallel with political tracks


You may Read and Download this "Brief Edition" in PDF format from Here. Note (This Brief Edition is a part of joint, comprehensive and continuous project on the issue of detainees and enforced disapearances).


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