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More Than 800 IDPs Diagnosed as Malnourished in Idlib Camps

Eating Fruits and Vegetables, that’s a Big Dream for Children in Camps

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Malnutrition hit hundreds of internally displaced persons (IDPs), mostly newborn, staying in makeshift camps northern and western Idlib. Statistics as of January 17, 2019, confirmed that more than 800 IDPs suffer from malnutrition[1], many severely, due to the dire humanitarian and medical conditions, and they are in an urgent need for hospitalization.

Displacement camps in the north and west of Idlib; Atamah al-Janoubi, Atamah al-Shimali, Kafr Lusin, Darkush, Harem, al-Karama and Harem, shelter more than 120,000 IDPs from all over Syria, according to STJ’s field researcher.

The alarming situation in the areas grabbed by the Syrian Army in early 2018; rural Damascus, northern Homs, southern Hama and Daraa, has resulted in a growing number of IDPs arriving Idlib’s displacement camps which led to their overcrowding.
STJ’s field researcher reported the decline in support provided to these camps by the humanitarian organizations operating in northern Syria, and the residents’ complain about the soaring prices, the poor services and the dire socio-economic conditions, as the single  can of children’s milk costs from 2000 to 3000 Syrian pounds, which led to the outbreak of  malnutrition among the newborn.

STJ documented the death of a seven-month-old baby girl in one of Idlib’s displacement camps after suffering acute malnutrition. It also reported the suicide of a father, in December 2018, being unable to support his family.[2]

In another report, STJ detailed the dire conditions of over 600 people, living in tattered tents in northern Idlib amidst shortages of food and medication, expecting to receive their share of the humanitarian organizations’ concern.[3]


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[1] Malnutrition remains one of the most serious health problems in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. It is the single biggest contributor to child mortality: 15% of the global burden of newborn and child mortality occurs in countries of the Region”, World Health Organization (WHO), http://www.emro.who.int/en/health-topics/malnutrition/index.html

[2] “Infant Girl Dies due to Malnutrition and Man Commits Suicide as Living Conditions Deteriorate in Idlib’s Camps”, STJ, December 21, 2018, https://stj-sy.org/en/view/1127

[3] “Idlib: The approaching winter threaten to increase IDPs’ sufferings in Ekhwet Sa’dah Camp, southern countryside”, STJ, October 10, 2018, https://www.stj-sy.org/en/view/848

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