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Syria/Deir ez-Zor: 87 Syrian Organizations Condemn the Killing of Two Women and Demand Accountability

The local authorities—the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces, must initiate an independent and transparent investigation into the murders of Izdihar Nabil Muhanna and Najlaa Abdulkarim Ftaih and bring the perpetrators to justice

by bassamalahmed
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On 17 December 2022, the bodies of two women were brought into the al-Suwar General Hospital in the al-Suwar district, administratively affiliated with Deir ez-Zor province.

The bodies are of Izdihar Nabil Muhanna and her brother’s wife Najlaa Abdulkarim Ftaih, who both hail from Hawaij Bomasa’a village in the western countryside of Deir ez-Zor.

The hospital report demonstrates that the two women were tortured and ill-treated before they were shot in the head and killed. Additionally, accounts from the area say that the women were victims of a brutal murder motivated by revenge.

The perpetrators killed the women in retaliation to actions attributed to a male cousin. Armed individuals were after the cousin for what he had done and killed the two women when he escaped them into the areas controlled by the Syrian government.

Considering the brutality practiced against these women, the undersigned organizations condemn the use of civilians and women as tools for settling scores and reprisal. Additionally, the organizations call on concerned parties to prevent the use of this heinous crime to fuel tribal disputes, expand the cycle of violence, or disrupt stability in the area.

Moreover, the undersigned organizations demand that the Autonomous Administration and Syrian Democratic Forces:

  • Order concerned authorities to start a transparent, independent, and extensive investigation into the murder of Izdihar and Najlaa.
  • Bring the perpetrators to justice and hold accountable all persons involved in this horrific crime, whatever their military affiliation.

  1. Aataa for Relief and Development
  2. Ain Shams Organization
  3. Ajyal Development Organization
  4. Allied for Peace
  5. Amaal Association for Women and Children Rights Care
  6. Anwar AlGhad Organaization
  7. Aras Charity
  8. Arak of East Organization
  9. ASO Analysis and Strategic Studies Organization
  10. Ashtar Development Organization
  11. Atyaf Development Association
  12. Awda For Development
  13. Alaseel Charitable Society
  14. Al-Diyar Association Society
  15. Al Raja Organization for Relief and Development
  16. Alsiraj Charity
  17. Baghouz Hope
  18. Better Hope for AlTabqa
  19. Bridges Of Peace Organization for Development
  20. Center for Research and Protection Women’s Rights in Syria
  21. Clemency Organization
  22. Connected Pronouns Organization for Development
  23. Development Seed Center
  24. Dernaa Organization
  25. Ebdaa Organization for Development
  26. Edraak Organization for Development and Peace
  27. Emaar AlMansoura Organization
  28. Enmaa Alfourat Organization
  29. Ensaf For Development
  30. Environment and Water Association— EWAS
  31. Ezdina
  32. Future Makers Team—M.T.
  33. Future Hands Organization
  34. Green Women’s Association
  35. Ghaith Development Organization
  36. Hajin Technicians
  37. Hevy for Relief and Development
  38. Hevdesti-Synergy Association for Victims
  39. Holm Development Organization
  40. Human for Construction and Development
  41. Human Rights Organization in Afrin
  42. Inaash Organization for Development
  43. Iwaa organization
  44. Jasmine Association
  45. Jan Center for People with Special Needs
  46. Jian Charity Association
  47. Jsor Alamal Organization
  48. Khutwa Association
  49. Kobani for Relief and Development – (KRD)
  50. Lamassat for Relief and Development
  51. Lasting Peace Organizations for Development
  52. Manara Organization
  53. Mitan Center for the Revival of Civil Society
  54. Moltaqa alNhren Organization
  55. Nbed Group
  56. New Life Organization
  57. Nextep
  58. Noon for Development and Support of Women and Children
  59. Peace and Civil Society Center
  60. Peace She-Leaders Network
  61. PÊL- Civil Waves
  62. Publish Path
  63. ‏Purple for Human Development
  64. Qadar Organization
  65. Rahma Organization for Development
  66. Return Hope Charity Association
  67. Roj Kar for Relief and Development
  68. Sam Organization
  69. Sahem Organization for cooperation and development
  70. Shawishka Association for Women
  71. Shurouk Organization Development
  72. Swaedna Organization for Relief and Development
  73. Swaed organization for Relief and Development
  74. Syrians for Truth and Justice— STJ
  75. Syrian Center for Studies and Dialogue— SCSD
  76. Silav Center for Civil Activities
  77. Sphere Organization for Studies and Development
  78. Taa Marbouta
  79. Tara Organization
  80. Tayif Humanitarian Organization
  81. The Four Seasons Organization
  82. Totol for Relief and Development
  83. Wesal Organization
  84. Weqaya Association
  85. Youth Optimistic
  86. Youth for Change
  87. Zorna Development

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