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Statement by local and international organizations and foundations regarding the Turkish military operations in North East Syria

by bassamalahmed
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The signatory local, regional and international organizations and foundations are closely following with great concern the developments of the Turkish military operations in North and East Syria which habituates millions of people in addition to many IDPs from many Syrian regions.

The early hours of the bombardment have witnessed huge displacement and direct targeting for infrastructure and water sources and grain silos.

There were reports about civilian casualties in what seems to be an organized implication for the region into a wide-scale war to face military operations for Turkish army accompanied by Syrian opposition armed factions which are joining the Turkish agenda to push this safe region into destruction and devastation, and attack the relative stability which it enjoyed.

The concentrated Turkish attempts to invade villages, towns and cities in North East Syria will cause devastating results, and will create the ground for ethnic and sectarian conflict, and pave the way before the reactivation and return of ISIS sleeper cells, which will spare no chance to attack stability and attacking the region’s components which have countered terror and defeated it. This troubled atmosphere will lead to the displacement and exodus of millions of civilians and empty the region from its original residents.

We in civil society organizations we condemn the Turkish military attack which aims at invading these safe regions and we assert on the following points:

  • Bringing an immediate end to military operations.
  • The invasion of eastern Euphrates regions is risking the lives of millions of secure residents.
  • Steer away from violence and apply the language of dialogue in resolving he conflict under international supervision.
  • We call on the international community to pressure Turkey to bring an end to the military operation and stop interfering in Syrian affairs.
  • We call for providing an international protection for Eastern Euphrates regions since it is one of the safe regions.
  • We stand firm against any Turkish action aimed at demographic change and threatening social cohesion in the region.
  • We call on international organizations and organizations operating in the region to assist in providing shelter and urgent humanitarian aid for IDPs.


  1. Ashna Youth Organization
  2. Ashti center for building peace
  3. ASO Center for Consultancy and Strategic Studies
  4. ASO Media Network
  5. Assyrian Association for Aid and Development
  7. Ahmed Khani Association in the Netherlands
  8. Al Furat Center for Studies
  9. Al Jazeera Charity Association in Raqqa
  10. Al Watan Charity Association
  11. Amouda Charity Association
  12. Arab National Commission
  13. Ararat For Development
  14. ARAS Charity
  15. Avahi Civil Society Organization
  16. Azura Al-Furat Organization
  17. Baladna organization for civil society
  18. Balsam Center for Health Education
  19. Bayti Baytak Organization
  20. Beginning organization
  21. Ber Çav Organization
  22. Better hope for Tabqa
  23. Brotherhood Foundation for Human Rights
  24. Chechen Society
  25. Citizenship and National Peace Committees in Sweida
  26. Common Ground Organization
  27. Council of Women in Northern and Eastern Syria
  28. Dan Relief and Development
  29. Darbasiyah Charitable Society
  30. Deir Ezzor Network 24
  31. Dirna Association for Development
  32. DOZ Organization
  33. Eco mesopotamia organisation
  34. Eridu center for civil society and democracy
  35. Farah Organization for Rehabilitation and Development
  36. Foundation of the Free Woman in Rojava
  37. Furat Organization
  38. Garaki Lagi Charity Association
  39. Gav Organization for subsidy and development
  40. Hevî Charity Association in Sere kanye
  41. Hitma Organization for Cultural and Social Development
  42. Human Rights Organization in Al-jazeera
  43. Human rights organization in jazeera
  44. Jiyan Charity Association
  45. Joan Development Organization in Dohuk
  46. Joan Organization for Awareness and Development
  47. Jomard Charity
  48. Kurdish Committee for Human Rights / RASID
  49. Kurdish Red Crescent
  50. Lawir For protection and development of livestock
  51. Mahabad Organization for Human Rights MOHR
  52. Mary Organization in Deir Ezzor
  53. Metan Center for Civil Society Revival
  54. Mezopotamya Development Studies- MDS
  55. My Childhood Organization
  56. Nabid Team
  57. National Organization for Human Rights in Syria
  59. Omid for development and revival of civil society
  60. Organization of Emaar Mansoura
  61. Peace and Freedom Center for Civil Society and Human Rights
  63. PÊL- Civil Waves
  64. Psychiatrists Without Borders
  65. Qandeel Al – Amal Charity Association
  66. Ref Al-Yaurbiya Association
  67. RojAva Organization for Relief and Development
  68. SAMA Organization
  69. Sanad for Peacebuilding
  70. Sara organization to combat violence against women
  71. Sanabel Euphrates Development Organization
  72. Scoop Organization
  73. Shams Al-Furat Organization
  74. Shams Organisation For Rehabilitation And Development
  75. Shar Organization for Development
  76. Share center for development
  77. Shawishka association for women
  78. Slav Center for Civil Activities
  79. SMART Center for Mental Health and Human Development
  80. SREO for monitoring and evaluation
  81. Stêr Development Organization
  82. Syriac Union
  83. Syrian Information Technology Club
  84. Syrian Medical Relief
  85. Syrian Women Council
  86. Syrians for Truth and Justice-STJ
  87. T Marbouta Foundation
  88. Tamazight Women’s Movement
  89. Tender Without Borders Foundation
  90. Tender Without Borders Organization
  91. Tevîn Forum for Thought and Culture
  92. Together for Amouda
  93. Union of Syrian Kurdish Societies in the Netherlands
  94. Women’s Democratic Network
  95. Yazidi House in Al-Jazeera region
  96. Yazidi Union of Syria
  97. Demo Solutions Organization

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