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Annual report 2017-2018

Syrians for Truth and Justice-STJ

by wael.m
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Annual report 2017-2018

Syrians for Truth and Justice-STJ works on documenting the abuses committed in Syria to inform and ensure, eventually, accountability for the crimes committed. 2017-2018 did not see any progress towards an end to the conflict in Syria. Two processes, supported respectively by the United Nations and Russia, are ongoing in order to seek a political solution, with little results. Every day, international humanitarian law is breached, at the expense of civilians, who are the first victims of the war.

The main and most encouraging event of the year was certainly the take-off of the International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism’s mission, that will, hopefully, pave the way to future local and international prosecutions.

Established by a December 2016 resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, in order to address the impotence of the Security Council, whose resolution regarding Syria were incessantly vetoed by Russia, the mechanism started its work over the course of 2017. At its head, experienced lawyers and investigators guide its team with the aim to collect evidence gathered by local organisations over the past seven years of conflict.

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